Lynn Swann Slams Ed Rendell

Lynn Swann Slams Ed Rendell on Pennsylvania Gambling Law

Former NFL star Lynn Swann, the Republican candidate for governor in Pennsylvania, says the gambling law in the state is completely flawed and mentions steps that must taken to before the awarding of any new slots licenses to casino gambling facilities.

In early August, Lynn Swann called on Gov. Ed Rendell to cease all official activities of the Gaming Control Board until the chaos in the gambling industry has stopped. Rendell has ignored all of Swann’s calls to action up to this point, and Swann accuses the governor of changing his position on key issues throughout the campaign.

According to Swann, “rather than addressing the numerous deficiencies in the gambling law, he has proposed only 4 changes which he claims will fix the gambling law problems.”

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Two Parties Both Reap Rewards of Trashed Lottery Ticket

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The family of a man who threw away a winning lottery ticket, reached an agreement on Friday with the man who picked the ticket out of a trash can.

The ticket, which was a Hold-em Poker scratch off ticket, was found in a convenience store trash can by 83 year old Edward St. John in October.

Fishing through the stores trash bin was not something new to St. John, who said that he regularly checked the disposed lottery tickets in the trash for winning tickets.

The Massachussettes Lottery commission was cotacted by Kevin Donovan, 49, who claimed he bought every hold-em ticket in the store the day St. John found the ticket, and that he accidently threw the winning ticket away.

The commission denied his claim saying that the ticket is just like cash and possession is the only requirement to cash in the ticket.