Residents Approve

Long Beach Residents Approve New Casino

The Friendly City’s residents have spoken and a thin majority of those voting said Tuesday they would be for casino gambling across from the harbor. The results were 2,179 to 1,801 in a non-binding referendum asking Long Beach residents to declare whether they were for or against gaming north of U.S. 90.

A majority voted for gaming in the referendum in all wards, too, said Allen Holder Jr., the alderman at large who proposed the referendum at a City Council meeting about two months ago. Levens has an option on one of the only sites where another casino could go and funded the advertising campaign that was pro-casino to the tune of about $60,000.

Additionally, his daughters set up a company shortly after Hurricane Katrina and through it gave money to the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce that eventually went on to fund the entire cost of the election. A survey of about 50 voters Tuesday afternoon revealed that this information had little to do with their preference.

Pennsylvania Bill Does Not Close All Gambling Law Loopholes

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Pennsylvania lawmakers and state gambling regulators are trying to salvage a last-minute solution to a year-long squabble over slots suppliers that threatens to derail the advent of gambling and property tax relief for another year or more. The dispute is over how to license suppliers of slots machines, who would serve as the Pennsylvania-based middlemen between the manufacturers and the casino gambling operators in the state.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has been at odds for more than a year over whether to require a certain number of suppliers come from each region of the state, or to open up the licensing process statewide. The board is poised to make a decision today before it loses its independent regulatory powers in early July deadline. Lawmakers, who have sat back and watched the leadership-appointed board falter on the issue, are now quickly advancing a bill that ends the dispute by simply eliminating the existence of casino slots suppliers altogether.

The Senate passed the measure last night, and the gambling bill’s prime sponsor, Pittsburgh Sen. Jane Orie, said she has a commitment from House Republicans to run it through that chamber by the end of the week.